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Whether you choose our signature Luxi 3-in-1 mattress with its easily adjustable layers, or the super affordable Luxi One (both mattresses feature our essential Shape-Matching Technology), we’re sure you’ll discover a whole new level of comfort and deep, restful sleep.

With hundreds of 5 star reviews, you can purchase your Luxi memory foam mattress online with the utmost confidence. Look forward to an incredible night’s sleep – it can be yours with Luxi.

The Modern-day Mattress Store:  The days of brick-and-mortar mattress store shopping are over.  Not only has the internet including this LUXI mattress store online website, made seeing everyoption simpler, but it’s also a safer process from a healthcare perspective.  Consider the attractive possibility of having your new mattress delivered before dinner, but what if that mattress doesn’t feel like the one in the showroom?  This is a common complaint.  As an alternative, consider researching the internet for the most advanced and flexible mattress, designed for broad appeal, then getting to really experience it by sleeping on it before making any final changes, if needed, to get it just right.

Home Sleep Trial:   An at home,100-night sleep trial is a more meaningful trial than anything that can be accomplished by flopping around a mattress store for hours.  But ending up with the right mattress still depends on making a good first choice. The effort is to try at least to get close to your favorite “feel”.  That can be dialed after you have put in several nights on the LUXI adjustable foam mattress. All LUXI mattresses are delivered in a medium setting, with adjustability built in to easily make the feel a bit softer or a bit firmer.

Pick-up Locations:  LUXI is a mattress store online with only a few exceptions.  This allows superior product consistency and also makes it possible for you to know you’re always getting the best price available.

Manufacturing Fulfillment: So, LUXI is both a mattress store online and a manufacturer that ships directly form its manufacturing facility. There are advantages to this configuration.  Only after we take your mattress order online is it manufactured.  Every mattress is freshly manufactured.  Pulling mattresses from inventory is one way to ensure a quick delivery, but our manufacturing period is only about one week, and the average number of shipping days is four.  So, the mattress you receive will always be fresh and ready to go.  It may take one or two days for your new LUXI Mattress to technically be fully recovered from its compression packaging, but the changes that happen immediately after opening are imperceptible.  This is also one of the reasons made in the USA is so important. All memory foam mattresses are compressed and have a finite shelflife.  A shelf life that is shorter than most import pipelines.  So, buy USA.

Proudly Made In The Usa:  We take great care that every LUXI mattress order online is proudly made in the USA.  The mattress store online named LUXI, is not an importer or an international broker od home goods.  We care about protecting jobs in the USA,consuming materials produced in the USA and also product integrity.   

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