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Great bed, great customer service!

After a hiccup, Luxi blew me away with their excellent customer service. Highly recommend this great mattress and company!

Wonderful mattress, with one downside

After extensive online searching for a new mattress, and spending a bunch of time at a Sleep Number bed store, I found the Luxi mattress. We wanted something that would allow us to adjust each side, but sleep number didnt adjust specifically for actual pressure points. We found the Luxi and loved the idea of the Luxi design/construction. It's absolute genius how they made the individual pillars to adjust for each part of your body. We've been sleeping on the Luxi for a month now. I am thrilled with the new Luxi mattress, but my wife is still not sure. We bought a king size and have tried several different configurations. We have landed on the softest setting for both of us. I love that the Luxi molds to your body perfectly, and relieves all pressure points. The mattress and the free pillows are super comfortable. I do wish Luxi gave you the option to receive smaller free pillows though. The king size pillows are hard to manage, and we would have preferred standard size pillows, even though we got a king size mattress. The Luxi has relieved the aches and pains we used to wake up with on our 14 year old tempurpedic mattress. However, my wife is not quite sure whether we will keep it or not. We can feel every move the other person makes on this mattress, and on our old tempurpedic mattress you couldn't feel anything the other person was doing. This issue disturbs my wife a lot, as I tend to change my sleeping positions several times a night. Whether we keep the Luxi or not will really depend on whether she can get used to feeling the movement from my side of the bed. I guess we'll have to wait til we get closer to the end of the trial period. If it were up to just me, this would be the last mattress I'd ever buy. I would give it 4 stars because of my wife's issue with feeling my movements, but I give it 5 stars for everything else about it! So my real star review would be 4.5 if it was an option.

Love my Luxi!

I looked extensively online for a new mattress, but couldn't find one that I thought my husband and I would both like...until I found Luxi. I have my side of the bed on soft, hubby's is medium. I am a side sleeper with fibromyalgia, and the soft side is nice and soft, but still supportive and comfortable. The mattress is also super easy to customize too! We also got 2 pillows, and they are perfect, Supportive, yet "squshy", and they hold their shape beautifully. We are happy customers!

Amazing Customer Service

I had the good luck to speak with Samantha from the moment I made contact with Luxi. I have a Nectar Mattress which is causing severe heat retention issues, and is causing me to wake up with back pain that I didn't have prior to buying their mattress. I ordered the LUXI ONE from Samantha in the hopes that my return of this awful Nectar Mattress would be close in timing. I've been trying to reach Nectar for several days, no return phone calls, no answered emails, no response to Facebook messages. In contrast, I called LUXI desperate that I couldn't afford two mattresses. Samantha again. She came through for me before the chat was completed, with the refund of the LUXI completed. I promised her if and when I'm able to reach someone at Nectar to take this terrible mattress back, I'm going to buy the LUXI ONE. I can't speak to the mattress except to say that I've done a lot of research, and the SBT system they designed will obviously make their mattress temperature neutral if not cooling. Plus that same SBT system should theoretically make sleeping without back pain a no brainer. It was designed by someone who helped build sleep solutions for disabled people like myself. I have a form of Muscular Dystrophy, and really need to get out of under this Nectar scam and into a mattress that will actually help improve my health. Buy this mattress, because a.) it looks like it's the best on the market, b.) they really know what Customer Service is and how to deliver. I feel so terrible that I wasn't able to purchase the mattress as I had agreed, and I'm losing out on the great deal they had offered me:-(

Excellent Customer service and Bed!

We purchased a Luxi mattress a little over a year ago. We had been sleeping on some form of water type bed for years and wanted to try a more conventional mattress that was easier to move and clean around. The first configuration that came was too hard for us so we changed the configuration to the softest level and slept on that for almost a year. I liked the bed but my back was starting to hurt as I didn't think there was enough give while sleeping on my side. I contacted LUXI and the staff quickly responded and sent us a replacement level which is not as stiff and allows for more give. We are both very happy with the new mattress configuration and are sleeping great! Thanks LUXI!

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