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Best mattresses ever!

My sister encouraged me to try the Luxi mattress. At first I was skeptical having spent considerable money on many mattresses over the years at reputable retailers. However, I was soon won over not only by the price point but the convenience and comfort of the mattress. I liked it so much I've replaced all of my mattresses for my family with Luxi. Luxi also has the best customer friendly representatives. Particularly, Jen and Samantha that came to my rescue to help get a mattress delivered at the last minute. Thank you ALL for a very positive and memorable experience.

Finally a mattress we can both agree on!

Finally a mattress my partner and I can both agree on. We tried other types plus split adjustable mattresses (4 total mattresses prior to Luxi) and they were either too hard or too soft for me. My partner likes as hard as can be, but is okay so far with the hardest Luxi configuration. I like the hardest for sleeping on my back and the medium for sleeping on my side. When I have the bed to myself I switch between the sides. I wish there was a configuration between medium and firm, but both are comfortable. Switching from a coil to a foam bed was a pleasure. Highly recommend for couples, someone who wants options, or anyone who wants a comfortable bed!


Love this mattress!


We have been trying the Luxi for a couple weeks now to see what is the right setup for each of us. My husband is bigger then I am and after trying the mattress on soft and medium I think we have both found what works for us. This setup is great because we had different needs and this offered the ability to make the mattress work for us. His side was bolstered up for a heavier person, this will make his side last longer then it would have otherwise. I get my soft bed and he gets his support without sleeping on separate mattresses.

Best Mattress I’ve Ever Owned!

I love my new mattress! It’s extremely easy to clean and adjust. This is definitely the best mattress I’ve ever owned!

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