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love it.


You may not have this mattress back. Ever. We're keeping it. Works as advertised! Couldn't be happier!

The Luxi 3-in-1 Adjustable Mattress
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Mattress feels movement

We have had our Luxi mattress since July 2018. I like the mattress and love the pillows. My only objection is I can feel the mattress move when my husband moves. Our other foam mattress did not have this problem.

Best options and top customer care

Purchasing a mattress from Luxi was a great decision for my husband and me. We have significant differences in our height, weight, and overall sleeping preferences. Luxi is the only option we found that enabled us to keep our queen bed with one mattress and yet meet our unique needs. As far as customer service, the staff at Luxi delivered on their promise to maximize comfort, even when it meant replacing one layer of my side with a "softer" option. My husband is enjoying his side of the bed with the firmest option. The staff was responsive in a timely manner, particularly by e-mail. They worked together "beyond the call of duty" to assist me in attaining a specialized invoice that I needed!




45 years and I’ve never slept like this and truly never on anything so luxurious. My sleep game has changed completely. Many many thanks to you for that!

Comfortable for both my wife and I!

I enjoy the firm setting and my wife is enjoying the soft. Other mattresses we tried didn't allow us to customize our firmness like the Luxi.

My back pain has decreased and I attribute some of that to the firm setting of the Luxi mattress.

Love it so far.

We've only had our Luxi adjustable mattress two nights, but so far it's great. Even better was the excellent customer service provided by Samantha. I needed a custom size (60X84) and she was so helpful with that. The mattress fits perfectly in my wood bed frame.

Great pillows

We are very happy with these pillows. They have more of a memory foam feel and are very comfortable.

Perfect for combination sleepers!

My wife and I have very different preferences for mattresses; I prefer a more firm mattress, and she prefers a softer mattress. The Luxi 3-in-1 has been perfect for us. The firmness is so easy to change, and you can't feel the seam in the middle where the mattress differs. We've had the mattress for about 2 weeks and are extremely happy.

Pretty good !

Wish the luxi one was a bit softer, but it’s very comfortable. I will add a small topper to get my perfect softness.

The Luxi One Mattress
Cassandra Fricke
Great sleep

Comfy bed! Great customer service

Sleeping like a baby

Timely delivery, easy packaging and great price for auch a comfortable mattress. Have been sleeping very well since I got it and looking forward to many more of these comfy nights.

I requested a return/refund, but Luxi is not standing behind its warranty

Luxi is not standing by its warranty. The Luxi 3 in 1 did not work for us, we asked for a return/refund. Luxi is not giving us our money back. We don’t want to spread the word on-line that Luxi is not to be trusted, but we will.
We purchased on 8/24/18 order S2-4226.

So far so good!

Been sleeping on our new mattress for a week and a half now, and so far we love it. The medium setting has been treating us well, as two people who move around a lot in our sleep; I may end up trying the firm setting after another week or so just to see if I like it better, but neither of us have had any soreness or aches yet.


Bought this mattress 2 years ago after doing extensive research of multiple brands. Decided luxi was our best bet based on sleeping habits and needs. Mattress was ok but after a few months could feel a slump in my side of the bed, almost like I was falling into a hole. Called customer service and they stated to send a picture... well no picture would show what I felt as it was only apparent when laying down. Fast forward two years later... we’ve tried every level of firmness from soft, medium, and Firm and my husband and I still wake up uncomfortable and sore everyday. So now only 2 years later we have to
Go buy a new mattress. Extremely disappointed.


Love this mattress.

Stands the Test of Time

I have owed you an email for a long time. I bought my twin Luxi probably close to 3 years ago. After several months, I messaged you through Facebook with a suggestion that a stretchier mattress cover would benefit soft sleepers like me. It turns out that you were already on the case, and sent me an updated cover for my Luxi for free!
You asked me to let you know if I felt a difference. That was about two years ago. I'm finally getting around to telling you that it DOES make a difference, and I love my bed! My hips and shoulders are significantly wider than my waist, and I'm a side sleeper. I need my wide bits to sink in to the mattress without wrecking the support for the middle of my back. Add to that my tendency to night-sweats and you have a serious mattress challenge. The "mushrooms" in the Luxi are perfect for both the variable support and air circulation that I need. I discovered right away that I needed them topside to make a difference, perhaps because I'm not a very heavy person by American standards. Even so arranged and with the improved cover, I still don't feel like the Luxi is a "soft" mattress, but it functions like one where I need it to, and I've been getting the best sleep of my adult life.
So, why did it take me so long to write to you? In the < three years that I've had this mattress, I've moved twice, gotten divorced, filed for and received annulment, started my formerly homeschooled kids at school, bought my own home, and worked up to five part-time jobs at a time. I've spent depressed nights awake watching Netflix on my Luxi. I've crashed on it exhausted. I've snuggled my kids on it. It's my favorite place to read or spend a lazy morning. But most of all, I've gotten great sleep on it (once the depression lifted, I have slept well). I've recommended Luxi to friends. They love it too.
Maybe someday I'll need a bigger Luxi, but until then this little bed is my favorite place in my lovely new home.

Luxi 3-in-1 Adjustable Mattress

Very satisfied with my new Luxi mattress. It's much more comfortable than my old coil mattress and doesn't sleep hot like other foam mattresses just as described on Luxi's website. Highly recommended.

Really loving the new mattress.

We bought a queen. I really like it that we can adjust each side of the bed. My side is on the softest and my husband's side is on the firmest. I find myself having an easier time getting up early. This is because I am actually sleeping at night. We are going to buy Luxi for our kids and are even considering buying them as gifts for our parents.

no more back pain

While visiting our son in Alaska we slept on the Luxi matress. After a couple of days our back and hip pain went away. Upon returning home and sleeping on our old mattress we immediately ordered our own Luxi. Our back pain is still gone and the numbness in our arms is going away. Our quality of sleep has vastly improved. I was also surprised that we received pillows with our order. they have been good as well. We are recommending this mattress to all our friends.

our new mattress

we bought luxe to replace a mattress we bought 8 months ago as i needed firm but my husband needed a little softer. our former mattress was great for husband, but too soft for my back. after 2 weeks, i feel better, and my husband is getting used to the medium firmness which he says is a bit softer than the previous mattress which was perfect for him.

Soft, Medium, Firm in one mattress!

Hi I’ve had my King for over a year.

The best thing about your design that should be highlighted more is most people don’t know what firmness is best for them. Other companies, you have to select your firmness. With Luxi you can experiment and find whats best for you.

I originally thought firm would be best for me but turned out I slept best with less shoulder pain on the soft setting. Hope this helps

Awesome Sleep!

I was having lots of low back pain from a bad mattress. After the first night my back was better, but I waited over 2 weeks to review to confirm. Still feels great!


The Luxi One Mattress