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Purchasing a mattress from Luxi was a great decision for my husband and me. We have significant differences in our height, weight, and overall sleeping preferences. Luxi is the only option we found that enabled us to keep our queen bed with one mattress and yet meet our unique needs. As far as customer service, the staff at Luxi delivered on their promise to maximize comfort, even when it meant replacing one layer of my side with a "softer" option. My husband is enjoying his side of the bed with the firmest option. The staff was responsive in a timely manner, particularly by e-mail. They worked together "beyond the call of duty" to assist me in attaining a specialized invoice that I needed!


45 years and I’ve never slept like this and truly never on anything so luxurious. My sleep game has changed completely. Many many thanks to you for that!

Comfortable for both my wife and I!

I enjoy the firm setting and my wife is enjoying the soft. Other mattresses we tried didn't allow us to customize our firmness like the Luxi.

My back pain has decreased and I attribute some of that to the firm setting of the Luxi mattress.

Love it so far.

We've only had our Luxi adjustable mattress two nights, but so far it's great. Even better was the excellent customer service provided by Samantha. I needed a custom size (60X84) and she was so helpful with that. The mattress fits perfectly in my wood bed frame.

Perfect for combination sleepers!

My wife and I have very different preferences for mattresses; I prefer a more firm mattress, and she prefers a softer mattress. The Luxi 3-in-1 has been perfect for us. The firmness is so easy to change, and you can't feel the seam in the middle where the mattress differs. We've had the mattress for about 2 weeks and are extremely happy.

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