LUXI is the ultimate adjustable foam mattress

COMFORT:  Because it’s adjustable, your LUXI adjustable foam mattress is more likely to pass its 100-night sleep trial than any non-adjustable mattress.  “Feel” changes can be made by zippering each side open and flipping and re-ordering interior components to make each side just right without compromising either sleep partner’s “feel” preferences.  One side can be set to “firm” comfort wise, and the sleep partner’s side can be set to either “soft” or “medium” without any impact on either sleeper’s comfort.   

LESS LIKELY TO BE RETURNED:  Because of adjustability, LUXI is 40% more likely to pass its 100-night sleep trial.  This is foremost one way to measure successfully achieving comfort.  But in addition to avoiding the hassle of managing a sleep trial failure, potentially involving a mattress return or donation, your LUXI adjustable foam mattress is much less likely to create various unintended consequences.  Negative economic and environmental impacts are avoided when sleep trials succeed.  Adjustability leads to a broader bandwidth of acceptability and therefore fewer mattresses in the landfill.  LUXI is an adjustable bed mattress that’s like having three beds in one.   

ADDRESSING NEEDS AND PREFERENCES:  The LUXI 3-in-1 Mattress is easily zippered open, on each side, and its interior components rearranged to make “feel” changes.  This interaction with the mattress results in many unique flexibilies when coupled with LUXI’s manufacturing capabilities.  LUXI is not a broker or mattress importer.  Instead, LUXI is a manufacturer willing to include custom components, to address higher or lower weight ranges, injury rehabilitation, personal physical limitations, etc., should this be required, at no additional charge.  You get whatever it takes to have a better night’s sleep, because LUXI is a true adjustable bed mattress

WHEN USED WITH A POWERED ADJUSTABLE BASE:  If you have already purchased a powered adjustable base or if this is a future possibility, consider how mattress adjustability takes the adjustable base experience one step further.  Foam mattresses generally, if not more the 14 inches thick, serve as the best mattress type atop an adjustable powered base.  LUXI mirrors the posture objectives of the adjustable base to elevate, lower and bend to improve lying down posture.  LUXI the mattress, is an adjustable bed mattress that provides a shape matching surface that works in harmony with any adjustable base.  Having an adjustable foam mattress on top of a powered adjustable base creates a system of postural support from below and anatomical shape considerations closer to the sleeper.

TRENDING:  Even if purchasing a powered base is only a future possibility, you can purchase a QUEEN or KING sized LUXI 3-in-1 now and purchase SPLIT QUEEN or SPLIT KING covers later, for the low-cost transformation into the adjustable bed mattresses you will need at that time.


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