Environmental Responsibility Pledge

Let’s take care of Mother Earth together

It's estimated that around 4.2 million mattresses and box springs reach the end of their lives in California every year. Being responsible about online mattress purchases requires an understanding of how the abuse of free trial programs drives mattress costs, while also creating other negative socioeconomic and environmental impacts.  Our mission at Luxi is to use our mattress to its fullest to create a better night's sleep for you, and to do that in the most economically and environmentally responsible way.

The recent explosion of online mattress sales has overwhelmed charity organizations because returned mattresses cannot be legally repackaged and resold. Many charity locations don't accept or need more mattress donations, so mattresses get funneled directly into landfills instead. This has a devastating environmental impact.

For these reasons, Luxi does not support bringing multiple mattress into the home for the purpose of choosing one, and returning the others.  We also do not support “daisy-chaining” one company's free trial mattress to anothers, one mattress after another, without taking the time to address the relationship between the mattress and the physical needs and preferences of its owner.  Instead, it is our primary objective to provide the greatest number of individuals with a better night's sleep by making good use of the adjustability and adaptability of the LUXI mattress..  

Our primary objective at Luxi is to provide the greatest number of individuals with a better night's sleep by making good use of the adaptability and adjustability of the Luxi mattress. This is why we will make every effort to help you optimize your mattress and your experience to avoid returns. We make it a part of our daily work to fully engage with every individual having a continuing sleep problem on their LUXI, to fully explore how the Luxi mattress can be adjusted and modified to help solve that problem before we authorize any return.

We hope that spearheading this conversation will ultimately make a difference in your experience as a customer and our impact on the world we share.

When shopping for a new mattress, give some thought to what you're going to do when the new one wears out. By buying a mattress constructed for easy recycling, you can help minimize future disposal headaches. One of the best ways to do this is to avoid mattresses with springs.

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