LUXI King size memory foam mattress considerations

DIMENSIONS: Be careful to distinguish between King mattress sizes.  Regular King (or Eastern King) mattresses and California King mattresses are different sizes.  These size differences need be matched with both flat and fitted sheet set sizes.  They also need to be known when making any top-of-bed selections (blankets, spreads, duvet’s, etc.).

Regular (Eastern) King size: 76 in. wide and 80 in. long

California King size:               72 in. wide and 84 in. long

California King size mattress sales are more prevalent in the western states as their dimensions line up better with the sizes of newer home construction in the western states.  So, if you’re in the east, be sure that if you want to move up to a California King, that your room is the right size and that your home goods store provides the sheet and top-of-bed in California King size.    

SLEEP NEEDS AND PREFERENCES:  Considerably roomier than a Queen or Full-sized mattresses, King mattresses allow a lot of room to really stretch out and relax.  They’re made with couples in mind.  A Regular King has a 27% greater sleep surface than a Queen.  The California King is of special interest for taller individuals, the 4- inch difference in length really makes a difference.  A California King size should be considered if your taller than 6 foot 3 inches.  The Regular King, although shorter than the California King is wider, making it a great option for couples that want to keep from disturbing each other too much.   

The LUXI King size memory foam mattress takes the issue of motion transfer and disturbing your sleep partner a little further.  Inherent in its design is the separation of the interior components, separating one side from the other.  This is a big contributor to the reduction of motion transfer.  Mattress size is the first thing to consider, then the physical nature of the materials used and then the internal division of the LUXI (Both Regular and California King), one side from the other in order of importance are the key factors behind dampening motion.

TRENDING:  The popularity of the adjustable powered base creates another consideration when purchasing a California King or Regular King size memory foam mattress.  This is to match half the width of the base.  Both Regular and California King size mattress sales can be further broken down by (Half) Regular King and (Half) California King sizes.  The Half Eastern King is generally not referred to, because it’s the same size as a Twin XL at: 38 in. wide and 80 in. long.

Another option built into a LUXI Regular King size mattress sale, is to purchase (2) Twin XL covers and transfer the interior components into them.  This is a low-cost way to upgrade the kid’s beds, while purchasing fresh interiors for the original Regular King.


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