LUXI Queen size memory foam mattress considerations:

DIMENSIONS:  A Queen size mattress is between the size of a Full and a King size.  If the Queen size mattress for sale is for a single sleeper also considering a Full size, and more space is needed, then the decision will be about moving up to a Queen.  If the Queen size mattress for sale is for a sleep couple, and the couple enjoy staying connected and close, then consideration needs to be given to moving down to a Queen, at a considerably lower price.  Queen mattresses are always $300 – $400 less than a King of the same brand and model.  If you’re on a budget, Queen will likely be your best option.

Queen size: 60 in. wide and 80 in. long

The Queen size memory foam mattress ends up at a decision crossroads with regards to size, and this has resulted in the Queen size being the most popular mattress size.  Slightly more than 50% of all home mattresses are Queen size.  Along with the Queen being the most common size it is also the easiest to find the sheet sets, top-of-bed products and furniture for. 

SLEEP NEEDS AND PREFERENCES:  Most couples will be comfortable sharing a Queen. The physical size of the sleepers, as well as sleep position preferences, will influence the choice of Queen.  In general, back and stomach sleepers tend to prefer a bit more space around them, compared to side sleepers.  SO, they too might prefer a King.

TRENDING:  Consideration needs to be given to room size especially in older homes and also for apartments.  It is recommended that 24 inches be left between the bed and each surrounding wall or piece of furniture.  A King size bed can make smaller rooms feel cramped.  A Queen-sized memory foam mattress is 16 inches narrower than a Regular King.

Mattress mobility is also a consideration.  It is recommended that all mattresses, while still in their compressed packaging, be moved right to the literal point of use before opening.  Right on top of the bedroom furniture or bed frame.  It’s always good to avoid moving any fully inflated foam mattress.  Subsequent moves are easier for a Queen when it comes to getting up staircases and around tight corners.  King mattresses can pose a challenge for movers.  Moving an opened King is always a two-man job, but a Queen can usually be managed by one person.  If you’re someone who moves frequently, a Queen may be a better choice.

A Queen size will fit into truck beds, cargo vans, etc. but all LUXI Mattresses provide yet another useful feature.  Because the Queen size mattress for sale can be zippered open, and the interior components split down the middle, the mattress can be broken down into components and the cover and rolled up to fit into the back seat or trunk of even a small car.  If school or the job requires frequent relocations, this can be of real value.


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