We Have Taken The Ordinary And Made It Extraordinary

There’s a science to sleep, and we are masters at engineering, innovating and evolving sleep surface solutions that provide better comfort and support to get you in the most comfortable position helping you to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. We have developed over 30 patents related to anatomic uses of foam for the mattress industry; Support Balancing Technology (SBT) is our newest sleep surface innovation.


How does it feel when you first lay down?


Finds the perfect balace between comfort & support.


How do you feel when you wake up?

The Ultimate Comfort Technology

The SBT is made from high performance foam and functions like independent, pocketed coils. When weight is applied, the SBT foam column collapses. Then, as the weight is lifted, SBT will spring back at the body filling any void or curve with needed support.

Unique Shape-Matching Ability

The SBT foam layer delivers pressure relief with the correct amount of “sink” and “hug” determined by individual’s body weight, sleep position and pressure profile.

How It Works


Cradles both hips and shoulders for the perfect "sink" and “hug" while supporting the spine.


Enhances body shape matching for a correct nighttime body posture.


A continuous sleep surface for total body comfort no matter what the sleep position.

Leaves You Feeling Perfectly Supported And Practically Weightless

No More Pressure

SBT’s precise contouring under your shoulders and hips relieves pressure and aids in achieving proper spinal alignment.

Support You Need

SBT’s point elastic behavior, pushes back to add support in areas of less weight or that are void of pressure.

Keeps You Cool

SBT provides a series of airways running horizontally, both from side to side and from head to toe, channeling away heat by airflow.

Minimizes Motion Transfer

The disrupted SBT surface enhances motion isolation so you don’t feel other’s movements, or their getting in or out of bed.


SBT is made from high performance visco foam, programmed and machine cut to last without developing a body impression.

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Long-time makers of premium handcrafted mattresses; Luxi is a family-owned company from Southern California. And we’re on a mission to create healthier people and a happier planet by disrupting the mattress industry. That’s why our memory foam mattresses are meticulously engineered for a lifetime of great sleep. Luxury meets sustainability. Now that’s a change for the better.

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