LUXI Twin size memory foam mattress considerations

DIMENSIONS: Be careful to distinguish between Twin mattress sizes.  Twin (Single) mattresses and Twin XL mattresses are different sizes.  The Twin was originally intended for institutional or for bunks in dormitory rooms.  The Twin XL memory foam mattress has the same length as a King or Queen and was created to make this space saving, single sleeper mattress more useful for adults.  Both mattresses are frequently deemed to be usually best for children.  

Twin size:   38 in. wide and 75 in. long

Twin XL size:    38 in. wide and 80 in. long

When comparing a Twin and a Twin XL mattress, Twin mattresses are good for kids and small adults. Twin XL mattresses are good for tall adults, college students, and guest rooms.  The term “twin beds” refers to a pair of Twin (single) beds or Twin XL mattresses in the same room, whether it is a guest room, kids’ room, or even a couple’s bedroom.  A Twin bed is a good option for a small guest room.  It’s also a good option for budget shoppers, small spaces and for the interior designers, for lounge areas, etc.

Twin mattresses are also ideal for children transitioning from the crib to a big kid’s bed.  Unless the child hits a growth spurt at an early age, a Twin XL memory foam mattress will last them well into their teenage years.  The Twin size memory foam mattress is also useful for children sharing a room.

The small size of the Twin mattress isn’t only a concern for the size of the sleeper. It is also a concern for the size of the room.  A Twin XL memory foam mattress is good for bedroom as small as 7 by 10 feet.  They are the only mattresses that won’t overly cramp the space. 

SLEEP NEEDS AND PREFERENCES:  Twin beds can also be vitally important to couples with different sleep needsSharing a bed with a partner normally means compromising one’s sleep needs and preferences. By getting two separate Twin-sized mattresses, each partner can sleep on the mattress that they prefer, whether it’s soft, medium or firm.  This works well for older couples and more specifically, in the event one is ill or recovering.  The LUXI Twin size memory foam mattress comes with this consideration built in.  With respect to ascetics, Twin mattresses can be purchased as a set and adjusted in use to provide different “feels” and utility for either sleeper without appearing any different in size or shape even if immediately next to each other in the same room.

TRENDS:  Another function that is created by the LUXI Twin XL size memory foam mattress, is the ability for it to be created by the sleeper from a Regular King mattress, possibly future consideration at the time the King is purchased.  The interior components from the King can be removed and new Twin XL covers purchased to transform the original purchase for use atop either side of a King adjustable powered base.


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