The Luxi Pillow

*NEW PRODUCT - Our unique pillow design delivers the perfect thickness with added benefits for circulation and muscle alignment.

Why Luxi

  • Engineered to out-perform every other mattress on the market today. We've taken recent advances in mattress technology and evolved them. Our shape-matching technology has been clinically tested to enhance your sleep by providing personalized comfort and support - making it the best mattress you've ever slept on. 

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  • 1 x Standard $79

  • 2 x Standard $148

  • 1 x King $99

  • 2 x King $188

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What We’re Made Of

The LUXI Performance Pillow is filled with a proprietary blend of memory foam and smooth fiber strands that adjust together when fluffed, and “lock up” for the right thickness.

Easy To Love

The Luxi Pillow adjusts to your individual sleep needs regardless of sleeping position. Allowing you to hold that position all night, helping you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.
"The Luxi pillow is by far the best pillow"
"The Luxi pillow is by far the best pillow"
"The Luxi pillow is by far the best pillow"

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order a split mattress?
All Queen, King and Cal King Luxi Mattresses come with the split feature so each side can be adjusted to soft, medium or firm independently.
If I'm a single sleeper, will I feel the split?
We've never had any complaints about feeling the split, even on different settings. Luxi's unique quilted cover design with 1.5 inches of memory foam makes sure of that
Can I order without the split feature?
If you'd like to order without the split feature, no problem. After you place your order, just email us here.
What softness setting is Luxi shipped in?
All Luxi's are shipped in the medium configuration unless you request otherwise. We suggest you try it on this setting for a couple of nights before changing to softer or firmer.
How do I adjust the softness settings?
Adjusting your Luxi is as easy 1-2-3-. Just unzip the mattress and flip the inside layers.
What is the weight limit?
Luxi works great for those up to 250lbs. If you are over 250lbs, being that we are the manufacturer, we are able to "tune up" your Luxi, meaning we will give added support. After you place your order, just email us here:

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Amazing pillows! We both love them!

I'm always looking for a pillow that will reduce neck strain and allow me to get a good night's sleep. I have been through many, many different pillows from chiropractors and from expensive stores. Both my husband and I work on computers for long hours and have constant neck pain. He sleeps on his back and side and I am a side sleeper. We got 2 king pillows and we both LOVE them. When they first arrived, we didn't know what to think about the flat appearance, until... we fluffed them up to our liking. We have slept with only these pillows for over a week now and the others ones are going to be donated! Will never sleep on anything else again! These pillows are GOLD!! I recommend these to my family and friends.

Luxi Pillow

Great pillow for side sleeping, supportive, but not too hard. Also sleeps cool, & does not get hot like my previous solid memory foam pillows. Not good for back sleeping as it is quite a thick pillow and does not pack down enough for back sleeping.


The Luxi pillow is the best new pillow I have ever owned. I’ve recently bought about 3 new pillows prior to this one and this one is tops the cake. I used to sleep with 2 pillows, now only the Luxi pillow is needed. I only wish my older mattress was as cozy as this pillow.

These pillows are awesome!

We bought MyPillows in the summer and there is simply no comparison to Luxi pillows. MyPillows are soft at first but they compress and become harder and harder as you sleep on them. The Luxi pillows stay soft with just the right support. They also stay cool. We couldn’t be happier with these pillows. Just one note: we have the standard pillows and they are a little larger than our pillow cases. It’s best if the pillows are not restricted and have room to expand. OtherwIse they are not as soft as they can be.

The Pillow is Just Right

The description and photos give a good idea of what to expect. First hand, it's like those nice down pillows in a good hotel mixed with something that gives a little more softness/cushion. The pillow sleeps really well and does support through the night- not like a heavy solid foam or weak polyester filled. With the mattress and the pillows, finally getting some great rest. We have 5 other types stuffed away that couldn't match this pillow.