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The Luxi Pillow

*NEW PRODUCT - Our unique pillow design delivers the perfect thickness with added benefits for circulation and muscle alignment.

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Customer Reviews

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Debbie Floyd


Great pillows

We are very happy with these pillows. They have more of a memory foam feel and are very comfortable.

Lila McGuire
Luxi pillow

I’m in the process of deciding if I like the mattress. However I received free pillows with my mattress and I’m in love with these pillows! I’ve spent a small fortune on pillows and had not found a single one that worked for me. From the first nights sleep these pillows were just perfect. Soft, but not too soft. Firm support and yet conforming to my neck. Unbelievable. The pillows I received are standard or queen size. I am ordering two king size right now.

Amazing pillows! We both love them!

I'm always looking for a pillow that will reduce neck strain and allow me to get a good night's sleep. I have been through many, many different pillows from chiropractors and from expensive stores. Both my husband and I work on computers for long hours and have constant neck pain. He sleeps on his back and side and I am a side sleeper. We got 2 king pillows and we both LOVE them. When they first arrived, we didn't know what to think about the flat appearance, until... we fluffed them up to our liking. We have slept with only these pillows for over a week now and the others ones are going to be donated! Will never sleep on anything else again! These pillows are GOLD!! I recommend these to my family and friends.

Luxi Pillow

Great pillow for side sleeping, supportive, but not too hard. Also sleeps cool, & does not get hot like my previous solid memory foam pillows. Not good for back sleeping as it is quite a thick pillow and does not pack down enough for back sleeping.

"The Luxi pillow is by far the best pillow"
"The Luxi pillow is by far the best pillow"
"The Luxi pillow is by far the best pillow"