Tips on How to Share The Bed Better.

How do you have a deeper uninterrupted sleep with the snoring, cover stealing, heat dispensing, thrasher next to you?

With all the benefits that come with sharing a bed with your loved one like spooning, pillow talk and co-winding down we know there are some sneaky sleep saboteurs.

Studies say that every movement a partner makes affects our REM sleep (our deepest sleep; rapid eye movement) and with life not getting slower these days we need to focus on maximizing the little amount of sleep we actually get.

So how can we do that besides having separate beds (which as many as 25% of couples do).

Here are 6 helpful tips.

1. Get a bigger bed!

Yes, this one requires an investment but is the best resolution. A queen or ideally king bed will offer you the option of your own piece of the “rock” when you need space and restful slumber. There is nothing worse than literally having no option but be stuck tangled together due to your full sized bed. 

2. Each Enjoy Your Individual Desired Mattress Firmness (or lack there of)

It is actually possible to not have to “meet in the middle” with the style of bed your partner prefers. Yes! He can want a firm mattress for his back issues from high school rugby and you can want cozy and soft and both can live in harmony. Your solution is a split mattress….this also doesn’t have to break the bank with options starting at $799.

3. Minimize Motion Transfer

So, your “heavier” partner rolls to the centre of the bed and you find yourself gripping the edge of the mattress against the gravity which insists you also end up there. Oh the sweaty, nightmare! Finding a mattress that minimizes motion transfer to ensure you get to stay undisturbed on your side, sleeping pretty (or handsome for you men).

4. Buy Larger Sheets

They roll over and are a 200 thread count burrito while your backend is now hanging out! “How do I get the covers back without waking them?” Oh wait, I can’t.

Try buying sheets for a bigger bed, this gives you the buffer zone so you can both be burritos and the cutest happy meal ever.

5. Night Masks

Darkness is a key ingredient to sleep. The presence of light in the evening sends a signal to the body which alters our biological "sleep clock” negatively impacting our quantity and quality of sleep. Light also decreases the naturally timed rise in melatonin which helps our transition to snoozeville.

Add in the light emitted from screens of our digital technology in bed — and we have another challenge to sleep. 

Avoiding technology before or in bed can help, as well as, curtains and black-out shades. However, a weapon I use against light (and my partner watching Netflix on his phone as I’m drifting off) is a night mask.

Trust me, you eventually get used to the feeling and it’s so worth it!

6. Ear Plugs

Even if you sleep like a rock, sound still has the potential to affect your sleep and subsequently your health. Sensory cues during rest can have a significant impact on your overall zzz’s and even if you believe sleep makes us oblivious to the outside world - it doesn’t.

Soft earplugs can dramatically improve dreamland and your co-habitation in bed making your partners snoring or other bodily noises muted.


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