Sleeping Independently?

You love your snuggle-bear and enjoy the connection you share while sleeping next to each other…but sometimes it is impossible to get enough quality shut-eye with them next to you.

You may have opposite sleeping/waking times, someone snores, your partner is a furnace, restless in bed, take hours to fall asleep or operate any number of electronic devices next to you.

Wasn’t this time meant to be for cuddling filled with intimacy, bonding and when you get lucky, sex!

Sometimes our sleep is sabotaged causing resentment to go with those bags under your eyes.

So how are some couples so bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in the morning?

According to a 2015 National Sleep Foundation survey, shockingly, as many as 25% of couples sleep in separate beds - and 10% of those couples in separate bedrooms. Plus 60% of upscale homes will be planned with two master bedrooms this year according to US National Association of Home Builders.

But don’t assume these stats have anything to do with these relationships being on the rocks. Sleep experts say separate beds are on the rise and may be the best thing for slumber-starved couples while actually strengthening bonds.

We know too well that sleep deprivation can affect our mood making us impatient, grumpier and less resilient with our emotional responses.

We can all see the logic but what about the intimacy?

Sleeping side-by-side is not the only way to achieve emotional comfort and many couples reported having nighttime routines for cuddling, sex and pillow-talk.

Plus, you then get to miss your partner so the next day when you are well rested you are more hungry for connection.

Couples have to figure out what’s right for them but don’t let any judgement or innuendo stop you from being independent and doing what you want.

Jennifer Adams, author of the book Sleeping Apart Not Falling Apart, wants separate sleeping to be an unjudged choice. Most couples have just made a practical decision and value their sleep above all else unconcerned with what others think, and then there are those who are hiding the arrangement.

Despite what anyone says about a couple’s decision to sleep separately, at the end of the day those getting a full-night's sleep may be getting the last laugh.

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